TFT Algorithm Group Training

One-Day Accredited Introductory Course

Dive into the essentials of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) with our accredited one-day introductory course, designed for both health practitioners and individuals interested in enhancing their health and wellbeing.

This compact, intensive training session is conducted in a small group setting, making it an excellent Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunity for those in mental health and wellbeing professions across the UK.

It also serves as the introductory phase for those aiming to delve deeper into the TFT Practitioner programme, with comprehensive details available on our website.

The course is recognised and certified by Callahan Techniques Ltd, ensuring adherence to the high standards set by Dr. Roger Callahan, the founder of TFT. Delivered by our Lead Personal Development Coach and TFT Practitioner/Trainer, Donna Garratty.

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Participants Will:

Master the key TFT tapping sequences developed by Dr. Callahan throughout his over 30 years of practice.

Understand and address Psychological Reversal, a critical concept identified by Dr. Callahan as a primary barrier to healing and self-improvement.

Learn the TFT protocol to effectively eliminate negative emotions at their source.

Discover how to integrate various tapping sequences for optimal outcomes.

Recognise the role of Individual Energy Toxins in health and wellbeing.

Benefits Of This Course Include:

Alleviating daily stress and anxiety.

Processing and overcoming trauma and negative experiences by targeting the root causes of associated emotions.

Managing detrimental emotions like anger, guilt, shame, and fear, as well as addressing issues like addiction, pain, and anxiety, to enhance life quality and wellbeing.

Enhancing health by overcoming Psychological Reversal, thereby supporting the immune system and natural healing processes.

Identifying and managing Individual Energy Toxins.

Course Participants Will Receive:

A detailed 'Tapping Guide' for quick reference.

A comprehensive set of algorithm tapping sequences tailored for health and wellbeing

TFT Algorithm e-Manual and TFT Evidence and Observations eReport.

Group instruction, live demonstrations, and practice sessions.

A TFT Algorithm level certificate, contingent upon meeting accreditation requirements.

The course emphasises practical learning in an engaging and enjoyable environment, with the goal of equipping participants with the confidence and skills to apply TFT tapping sequences and protocols effectively.

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