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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of TFT?

The majority of users report no adverse side effects from TFT. The most common outcomes are either a profound positive effect or no effect at all. As with any treatment, individuals may respond differently, so what works well for one person may not be effective for another.

How long does a typical TFT session last, and how many sessions will I need?

A typical TFT session lasts between 15 to 30 minutes. The total number of sessions varies by individual, with some achieving relief after just one session.

Can Thought Field Therapy be used in conjunction with other treatments?

Yes, TFT can complement other treatments, being non-invasive and safe to integrate with various therapeutic approaches.

Can TFT help with physical pain?

TFT is primarily used for emotional distress, but some people report relief from physical pain that's linked to emotional issues after using TFT.

Is there any follow-up needed after a TFT session?

Follow-up varies; some practitioners may recommend additional sessions based on progress, while others might suggest self-administered tapping when needed.

How do I prepare for a TFT session?

No special preparation is needed, but it's helpful to come with an open mind and be ready to focus on your specific emotional issues during the session.

What does a life coach do?

A life coach guides you to set and achieve personal and professional goals. They provide support, accountability, and guidance as you make transformative changes in your life.

How long is a typical life coaching engagement?

Engagements often last several months with regular sessions once a week or biweekly, allowing time to implement strategies and experience growth.

Is training required to be a life coach?

While anyone can call themselves a life coach, reputable coaches usually undergo specific training and certification. This ensures they have the skills and ethical standards necessary to support their clients effectively.

How can life coaching improve my work-life balance?

A life coach can help you clarify your priorities, set realistic goals, and develop strategies to manage your time and energy more effectively, enhancing work-life balance.

What's the role of accountability in life coaching?

Accountability is a key aspect; your coach will help you set goals and regularly check in on your progress, providing motivation and adjustments as needed.

Can life coaching help me if I'm feeling stuck creatively?

Yes, life coaching can provide new perspectives and strategies to overcome creative blocks, helping you to find inspiration and get back on a productive path.

What is the main focus of business coaching?

Business coaching concentrates on helping businesses achieve growth, improve performance, and navigate challenges effectively.

How does business coaching differ from consulting?

Business coaching empowers clients to find solutions and strategies themselves, while consulting often involves providing expert advice and solutions directly.

Can business coaching impact the bottom line of a company?

Yes, effective business coaching can lead to better decision-making, enhanced team performance, and ultimately, improved financial results.

How often should I meet with my business coach?

Meetings are typically scheduled weekly or biweekly, allowing enough time to implement strategies and observe their impact.

What should I expect in my first business coaching session?

In the first session, you can expect to discuss your business goals, challenges, and the areas you want to improve, establishing a foundation for your coaching relationship.

How do I choose the right business coach?

Look for a coach with that has experience of business ownership themselves, strong testimonials, and a coaching style that aligns with your business values and needs.

How do I know if I need therapy, coaching, or both?

Therapy addresses psychological issues and past experiences, while coaching focuses on future goals. Depending on your needs, you might benefit from one or a combination of both.

What confidentiality can I expect with Sea Change Therapy & Coaching?

Everything discussed in sessions is confidential, adhering to professional ethical standards and legal requirements, ensuring a safe and private environment.

How do I start with Sea Change Therapy & Coaching?

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation where we'll discuss your needs, outline our services, and plan your first session.

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